schoolchildren and students

schoolchildren and students

NewDelhi : (Ars News) -Future of My Fatherland Will Be Brighter and More Beautiful Under the Love of Great Fatherschoolchildren and students

All the schoolchildren and students of the country entering into sun-shining campus have received new school uniforms, textbooks and school things.schoolchildren and students
Whenever we look at their happy faces, all the people fall in deep emotion for the fraternal love of our Party which is growing bigger with the passage of time.
In retrospect, all the people who were born in this country grew up, learning to their hearts’ content without nothing to envy in the world with new school uniforms, textbooks and school things being provided by our Party and state.
It can be said that the history of school uniform in our country started from the days of anti-Japanese armed struggle when

President Kim Il Sung saw to that members of Children’s Corps at Maanshan who were suffering from cold and hunger in worn-out clothes are dressed in new clothes with 20 won he kept with good care as his mother’s legacy.

Early in the days of building a new country after liberation, President gave programmatic teachings to make school uniforms every year for the students of universities and colleges, and he took a measure of love in the post-war period to make sure that the state provides children with clothes free of charge.
Even though the country was in a difficult situation, he saw to that all the schoolchildren of primary schools across the country are provided with school uniforms by the state from 1958. In 1959, he also made sure that all the students in the country, which is equivalent to one fourth of the total population, are provided with new school uniforms at the same time on the same day.
Even in the difficult period when things are tight, Chairman Kim Jong Il solved all the problems to ensure uninterrupted supply of school uniforms, and he made this work to be turned into the one which should be pushed forward by the

whole Party and state.It is the noble outlook of  President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il on posterity and future that as the love is much more devoted to the coming generations, the future of our fatherland will be more prosperous, civilized and beautiful. Thanks to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who remains true to this outlook, the popular policies continue to be exercised to provide children with new uniforms at the expense of the state and the government throughout generations and years.

At the end of last year, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un took an important measure to supply all the schoolchildren in the country with newly designed high-quality school uniforms and bags, and stressed that we should carry the hearts of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il to make devoted efforts to the production of school uniforms.
Besides, he personally had a look at various designs of school uniform and gave detailed teachings on types of schoolboy uniforms, colors of schoolgirl uniforms and skirt braces of the primary schoolgirls.
To our respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the design of school uniform was not a mere picture drawn on a paper but happy faces of the students and their parents who would be glad over new school uniforms. It was also an image of the fatherland and the future that will be brighter.
The picture of our fatherland which became more splendid and more beautiful with the bright faces of the students in new school uniforms is a masterpiece of socialism that can be found only in our country which can never be possessed or imitated by capitalism.
As we hold in high esteem the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who considers the work for the coming generations as a top priority, this masterpiece will shine as a new scenery of the powerful socialist Korea.

Our Future Guaranteed by National Power

On the occasion of the military parade in celebration of 90th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army which demonstrated the phenomenal development of the armed forces of the Republic, the world people are raising their voices of admiration and reverence for the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who accomplished the great cause of enriching and strengthening the country and provided the most powerful national strength which guarantees the future of the coming generations.
It is the world of today where the weak, though blessed with immense wealth, must be trampled underfoot by high-handedness and arbitrariness of the strong, and children like flower buds must be sent on the aimless road to seek shelter to avoid suffering from the vortex of war.
UNICEF recently revealed that the number of cases where children were harmed by armed conflicts in the last ten years reached more than 170,000. In 2019 alone, the number of child refugees amounted to 19 million.
However, millions of children in our country are giving full play to their dreams and hopes, and growing into the masters of future, never knowing of the word “war” thanks to the undying devotion made by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who provided the powerful self-defense capacity which can win an overwhelming victory over any enemy even in the face of the worst trial no other country in this world ever experienced.
The dream-like reality is unthinkable apart from the determination and will of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who chose and led the road to bolster up the most powerful self-defense capacity, saying that we must be powerful, before everything else, for the sake of our future generations.
Children’s singing voices and laughter are resounding through baby homes, children’s homes, schools, camps, children’s hospitals and palaces which have been built in every part of the country in the 10 year-long-journey of strengthening the national power which would go down forever even in the remote future as a legend of love for future.

schoolchildren and students

The world people are speaking with the warmest praise that they can see the bright future of Korea, looking up to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who cemented the strongest national power to defend the children’s laughter even in the throes of the adversity nobody has ever experienced.
The future of Korea will be bright and promising forever as we hold in high esteem the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who is taming tyranny of injustice by dint of war deterrence of justice, and defending the prosperity of all generations to come, and the future of the country.


schoolchildren and students

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