Our Future Reflected in Paintings of Children

Our Future Reflected in Paintings of Children

Our Future Reflected in Paintings of ChildrenOur Future Reflected in Paintings of Children

New Delhi : (Arsh News) – Recently, the 31
st International Competition and Exhibition of Children’s Painting and the 8
th Asian
Exhibition of Children’s Painting were held in Russia and China. Tens of pieces of our children’s paintings
took the first, second and third place at the exhibitions and their exceptional talents attracted attention of
many participants.Our Future Reflected in Paintings of Children

Our Future Reflected in Paintings of Children

Our children’s works were highly praised at the exhibitions as they run through with the themes of
national tradition, love for nature, dynamic and true life. This served as another occasion for the world to
know the reality of the DPRK, the kingdom of children, and the bright future of the socialist system.
Media of several countries of the world reported that the Korean children fully demonstrated at the
exhibitions their hopes and talents coming into full bloom under the superior socialist system of education.
While watching the works of prodigies, the audience expressed their great envy and admiration as
It is today’s reality where gifted children can hardly display their talents if their parents cannot afford it.
There are still many poor prodigies in the world. Children are receiving a superior education and growing
up happily under the ardent love of the esteemed General Secretary Kim Jong Un who always puts them
in the first place and spares nothing for them even in the protracted global health crisis. These children,
masters of future, will make Korea’s tomorrow brighter.
In human history, there have been educators who dedicated all their assets and life to the education of
younger generation. And not a few politicians pledged to enact social welfare policy for children.
But we cannot find such a benevolent father as the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un both in the past
and present world. He has a lofty affection and love for the children and firmly protects their bright future
even in the face of manifold trials.
So all the children in our country, regardless of whoever and wherever they may be, are living their
dreams and honing their talents to their hearts’ content in the advanced education system which discovers
children’s budding talent even before their parents find it and train them to be the up-and-coming talent
and genius.

Our Future Reflected in Paintings of Children

Our tomorrow will be brighter and rosier thanks to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who is
building up a grand flower garden of love for future.

Our Future Reflected in Paintings of Children

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