For the Unity and Cooperation of the Non-aligned Movement

For the Unity and Cooperation
of the Non-aligned Movement

For the Unity and Cooperation of the Non-aligned Movement

New Delhi : ( Arsh News) – Today the imperialists’ wilful violation of the sovereignty of other countries in
disregard of the UN Charter and international laws is growing more undisguised
than ever before. In particular, they flagrantly violate the sovereignty of the
non-aligned countries and persist in intervening in their internal affairs, threatening
and invading them.
The reality demands that all the member states resolutely defend the UN
Charter and the principle of the Non-aligned Movement whose pivot is respect of
sovereignty, non-interference in others’ internal affairs and peaceful resolution of
the conflicts.
Looking back, over 60 years have elapsed since the Non-aligned Movement
emerged in the arena of history as the most comprehensive international movement

of the present era.
As a member state of the movement, the Democratic People’s Republic of
Korea has made consistent efforts for the consolidation and development of the
movement inspiring after an independent and peaceful world against aggressive
military blocs and for the unity, solidarity and cooperation among the member
states. All its efforts fully conform to the purpose of the inauguration and principle
of the movement.
It is worthy of note that the DPRK proposed to celebrate September 1 of the
year as the day of the Non-aligned Movement.
The proposal which the DPRK delegation put forward at the conference of the
foreign ministers of the non-aligned countries held in New Delhi, India, in
February 1981 was unanimously approved by the participating states. The initiative
of the DPRK was intended to make the day of the official inauguration of the
Non-aligned Movement as an important occasion and driving force for the
continuous consolidation, development and advance of the movement.
President Kim Il Sung, having paid close attention to the Non-aligned
Movement from its initial days, understood that the movement could realize its
noble aim and ideals only through the struggle against imperialism and for
In many of his works and talks including The Non-aligned Movement Is a
Mighty Anti-imperialist Revolutionary Force of Our Times (published on
December 16, 1975) and For the Development of the Non-aligned Movement
(published on June 20, 1986), Kim Il Sung explained all the theoretical and
practical problems in developing the movement: on countering the
divide-and-alienate strategy of the imperialists with the strategy of unity of the
non-aligned countries; on maintaining the principle of non-interference in other
members’ internal affairs; on peacefully solving differences of the opinion and the
disputes between the non-aligned countries through negotiations between
themselves; on taking concerted actions against imperialism, dominationism,
colonialism, racism at the UN and other international forums and on closely
cooperating in all fields of politics, economy and culture. And he led the DPRK to
fulfil its mission and play its role as a member state.
Recorded in pages of the annals of the Non-aligned Movement which
defended its noble ideals and principle in the vortex of the history is the righteous
struggle the DPRK waged to defend the unity and interests of the non-aligned

countries in the face of the blackmail of the Western countries.
After closely watching the development course of the Non-aligned Movement,
a former foreign minister of Indonesia said: The DPRK occupies a leading position
in the Non-aligned Movement; it was the DPRK that saved the organism of the
Non-aligned Movement by giving it vaccine injections when it contracted the
political malady of liberalism and multi-party system after the end of the Cold War
and that helped it up to its feet again when it was knocked down by the West.
The DPRK, upholding the movement’s ideal of anti-imperialist independence
and anti-war peace, opposes the intervention, economic blockade and pressure by
the West and extends selfless support and solidarity to the developing countries
including Cuba, Venezuela, Syria and Palestine in their righteous struggle to
defend sovereignty and national interests.
As the DPRK suffered the calamity of the Korean war (1950-1953) and is now
under constant threat of war in the state of acute military confrontation with the
United States, its people’s desire for peace is so strong. No other people love peace
and do their best to defend it as the Korean people have done.
Building a peaceful world free from war is an unchangeable struggle objective
of the DPRK government.
It is quite obvious that the progressive mankind who loves independence,
justice and peace can build an independent and peaceful world free from tyranny,
arbitrariness and moves for war of the imperialists, only when they are firmly
The struggle of the DPRK government and the Korean people to ensure
durable peace on the Korean peninsula and build a powerful socialist country is a
great contribution to the peace and security of the world and to the cause of the
Non-aligned Movement for peace and against war.
In his speech at a meeting of the foreign ministers of the non-aligned countries
held during the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, the head of the DPRK
delegation said that the DPRK government would actively develop the relations of
friendship and cooperation with the non-aligned countries under the ideal of
independence, peace and friendship, and make strenuous efforts for the
consolidation, development, and joint action of the movement, and for the peace
and security of the region and the rest of the world.


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