Immortal Guideline for Training Talents

Immortal Guideline for Training Talents

New Delhi : (Arsh News) On June 10, 2012,

10 years ago, the respected Comrade

Kim Jong Un published an immortal classic work “On Improving and Strengthening General Secondary Education”. Thus, he provided an immortal guideline for shining brighter our motherland as a country of education and a talent power.

Immortal Guideline for Training Talents

The work of the respected Comrade

Kim Jong Un is of an epochal significance in firmly preparing our new generations as successors who would embrace the bright future of the country by developing the primary and secondary education onto the highest level.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un stressed that excellent talents can be brought up only when general secondary education –  the education which provides students with basic education – improves in line with advancing era and the development of science and technology.

In this connection, he gave teachings on studying and completing the educational system for amply providing general secondary knowledge, and led wisely to develop the curriculum of general secondary education in a far-sighted manner by involving the heuristic method of education, the method of education for correctly evaluating the cognitive power and creative abilities to apply, etc.

As the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un put forward the unique idea of making all people be well-versed in science and technology and introduced the universal 12-year compulsory education, the whole country is connected to science and technology dissemination network, large numbers of junior and senior middle schools have been renovated and repaired, and the contents of education have become practical, synthesized and modernized according to kinds of schools and subjects.

After witnessing the ever-changing educational environment of our country, numerous foreigners have said that “the DPRK is making a dash for a civilized socialist country on the basis of the advanced educational system.” A newspaper of one country reported as follows: “The DPRK has already reached a considerable level in civilization. When we look at education alone, the regular educational system and the study-while-working system are advanced. What shouldn’t be missed is that all education in the DPRK is free of charge.”

As the firm-rooted tree bears ripe fruits, the children and youth in our country are growing into good talents possessed of noble mental and moral character as well as versatile knowledge of science and technology, receiving ideal education thanks to the socialist education system.

Thanks to the wise leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who regards the education of the rising generation as a patriotic work of lasting value for prosperity of the country and nation, DPRK will ever shine as a country of education and

Immortal Guideline for Training Talents

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