Blessed Children

Blessed ChildrenBlessed Children

New Delhi : (Arsh News) – Happy laughter of our children is resounding endlessly through the schoolchildren’s palaces and camps built across the country by the motherly Party’s benevolent love for posterity and future which is devoted to the future of the fatherland.

Blessed Children

Although everything was scarce after the liberation, President Kim Il Sung regarded bringing up the new generation as the most important work related to the future destiny of the country and nation, and he saw to it that a children’s palace was built at the Jangdae Hill located at the center of Pyongyang City by using the precious fund donated by patriotic business people.

Blessed Children

Since then, more than 210 palaces, camps and halls for children have been built throughout the country thanks to the President’s lofty view on posterity and children of the whole country are developing their talents to hearts’ content there.

Until the last moment of his life, the President adorned this land with heartwarming legend of love for the future of the fatherland unknown to the world. Carrying on the President’s noble will, Chairman Kim Jong Il protected the laughter of our children pushing ahead with his revolutionary leadership even skipping over his sleep and meal in the 1990s – a period of harsh trial caused by the isolating and stifling attempts of the allied imperialist force and consecutive natural disasters.

The song “General and Children” sings about the Chairman continuing his front-line journey to Chol Pass, Mt. Osong, Panmunjom and Cho Islet and children happily camping at children’s camps built on scenic spots. This song tells as it is how the bright and cheerful laughter of our children was protected during the grave hard times, the forced march.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who embodies the noble view on posterity and future of President Kim Il Sung and General

Kim Jong Il provided wise leadership to brilliantly modernize the comprehensive extracurricular education facilities for schoolchildren and the seedbed of talent education in conformity with the requirements of the new century.

Blessed Children

Thanks to his love for posterity to bring up our children as a competent revolutionary talents and pillars in building a powerful socialist country with ample knowledge, high morality and strong body, Songdowon International Children’s Camp and Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace were reconstructed and modernized in May 2014 and November 2015 respectively, and a lot of children and pupils from every corner of the country – from the northern extremity to the area of demarcation line – and also all the children from revolutionary schools and secondary boarding schools are developing their talents and aptitudes to their hearts’ content in the children’s palaces and camps built all over the country.

For this reason, pupils and guests from other countries who visited the camps built in scenic places and extracurricular education facilities with modern learning environment said it is just surprising that there is a camp exclusive to children; they really envy the Korean pupils enjoying happy lives under the care of peerless great man; there is hardly a country like the DPRK that provides modern educational environment to schoolchildren; Korean children are lucky children born with all blessings.

Under the warm care of respected Comrade

Kim Jong Un with ceaseless great dedication to the bright future of the posterity the palaces of learning and homes of happiness built on this land will shine forever as a manifestation of love for the future of fatherland.


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