We Have the Father

We Have the FatherWe Have the Father

New Delhi : (Arsh News) – Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the newly built Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Children’s Home 8 years ago and left a trace of paternal affection and love.

We Have the Father

The respected Marshal exerted himself tirelessly to build the Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Children’s Home into today’s wonderful and warm cradle for children. As we think about it, his tireless efforts and dedication appear in our eyes.

We Have the Father

The respected Marshal initiated the building of a Baby Home and Children’s Home as a prototype in the world, and personally selected the picturesque bankside of River Taedong as their location. He also looked at the blueprints on several occasions, giving invaluable teachings on the construction work.

We Have the Father

He dispatched the most experienced and efficient construction unit to the site. When the buildings’ frameworks were in near completion, he went up and down the dangerous scaffolding and settled the problems arising in the construction one by one.

Despite the sweltering mid-summer heat, he inspected the construction site time after time to compare the actual buildings with the blueprints, and gave teachings to create a mock-up of the buildings’ interior designs with pictures of animals so as to capture the children’s fancy. Thanks to such burning love for posterity of the respected Marshal, the Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Children’s Home was built into palaces for children to be envied by the world peoples within a short period of only 8 months.

On October 25, 2014, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un looked around various parts of the completed Baby Home and Children’s Home and gave parental affection and love to the orphans, concerned lest even a pinprick of shadow is cast over their hearts.

In the entrance hall of the Baby Home, he suggested that the floor should be covered with rubber sheets rather than tiles so that the children won’t get hurt when they fall to the ground while running around.

Taking a look around the living rooms, he was so considerate to make sure nothing goes amiss in the living conditions of the children. He said that if the room temperature varies, the children could catch a cold.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un warmly said that it is our Party’s fixed determination to bring up all orphans to be pillars of the country, saying that we should train them to be the able workers of the country possessed of sound moral traits and high level of cultural attainment by putting in much effort in educating each of them from their childhood.

He also blessed the bright future of the orphans, saying that we should bring them up well so that they would become famous scientists, sportsmen, artists, soldiers and even heroes.

Today, our orphans with the blessing of the sun are stoutly preparing themselves to become the masters of the future with nothing to envy in the world at the Pyongyang Baby Home and Children’s Home, overflowing with parental affection and love.

So foreign guests who visited the Pyongyang Baby Home and Children’s Home during their stay in our country expressed their excited feelings as follows:

The U.S. and the West are making a fuss about the human rights situation of the DPRK, but they are all telling a lie. There are no orphans here and all the children are living happily under the loving care of     H.E. Kim Jong Un.

Today, a train of gross violations of human rights is now being committed across the world, including forced labour and human trafficking of orphans. Orphans, bereft of hopes or ambitions for the future, are being reduced to following the path of crime and degeneration.

However, in our country – the one and only socialist paradise in the world, every child is growing strong into the pillars of the country while enjoying to the full all good fortunes of the world.

Indeed, the future of our children is bright and promising as respected Comrade Kim Jong Un – the father of one large family of the country – is blessing and protecting the future of all the people.

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