Redesigned Military Colours on the Parade Ground

Redesigned Military Colours on the Parade Ground

New Delhi : (Arsh News) – What drew special attention in the grand military parade held in Kim Il Sung
Square in the capital city of Pyongyang on February 8 in celebration of the 75th
founding anniversary of the Korean People’s Army were the military colours that
led the parade.
In the course of implementing the ideas and line of the Workers’ Party of
Korea on army building, the Korean People’s Army has recently expanded and
reformed many units of its arms and services, renewed their tasks in line with the
new situation and environment and changed the strategic and tactical missions of
the units in general. The colours of units have been redesigned with this as the
The redesigned colours made their debut in the parade, demonstrating their
dignity and honour.Redesigned Military Colours on the Parade Ground

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