Children’s Palace, Children’s Hotel

Children’s Palace, Children’s HotelChildren’s Palace, Children’s Hotel

NEW DELHI : (Arsh News) – From KCNA (May 16)
The picturesque Songdowon International Children’s Camp is located on the east coast of Korea. It is such an
excellent location with a view of translucent blue sea. The camp always resounds with happy laughter and singing
of our Children’s Union members.
Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said that the country brightens and the society overflows with warm
affection when children’s laughter grows louder. And he took all the benevolent measures to reconstruct the
Songdowon International Children’s Camp as befits the requirements of the new century.
It was nine years ago on April 20, 2014 when respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the camp, upon
receiving the report that reconstruction of the camp was completed. Though he was busy with other state affairs he
spent long hours at the camp looking around every corner of its interior and exterior including the theater in the
children’s hall of international friendship, video games room, library, international friendship room, Children’s
Union meeting room, talent exhibition room and 3-D rhythmic movie theater. He was very satisfied with all of
He was also very pleased to see “We are the Happiest in the World” slogan and appraised that the bedrooms,
dining rooms and service amenities, as well as the kitchens in the camp buildings No. 1 and No. 2, were all built to
children’s liking, and that cooking practice room was well furnished to suit the Party’s intention so that the
children could try cooking by themselves.
Afterwards, he sent to the finely reconstructed camp more than 860 pieces of fittings of more than 40 kinds
including various cultural goods, cooking devices, gymnastic apparatus, computers etc., hoping to bring up the
children – the kings and queens of the country- into reliable pillars of the country who are knowledgeable, virtuous
and healthy. He also gave detailed teachings about the matters related to the camp management.
He also directed his attention lest the members of the Children’s Union feel slightest discomfort as they travel
to and from the camp. Thus, he took the considerate measure of building an exclusive railroad and exclusive
railway station for the camp between the Songdowon Railway Station and Segil(meaning Three-way) Railway
Station in order to provide the campers with full convenience.
Thanks to the direct initiative and meticulous guidance of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the Songdowon
International Children’s Camp assumed a completely changed look as befits the children’s hotel and children’s
palace unparalleled in the world. Today, in the Songdowon International Children’s Camp, the members of the
Children’s Union are enjoying the camp life singing the song “We are the happiest in the world”. They are
savouring every moment of camp life, full of joy and happiness to be cherished forever.
Foreign children who enjoyed camping in the Songdowon International Children’s Camp said that no other
country has such a system that spares nothing for posterity, and that they got to know well about the love for future
of Marshal Kim Jong Un and his greatness as they looked around the campsite.

The peal of laughter and singing voices are now issuing forth from the Songdowon International Children’s
Camp built on the far-off sand beach under the warm love of our Party, the Party that translates the beautiful
dreams and ideals of young hearts into reality. The laughter and singing will resound forever, handing down the
noble love for future of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who places the upbringing of children above all other
state and Party affairsChildren’s Palace, Children’s Hotel

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